swMATH ID: 35601
Software Authors: Bertsimas, Dimitris; Jaillet, Patrick; Martin, Sébastien
Description: Julia package TaxiSimulation: Tools to simulate taxi routing, used for the simulations of the OperationsResearch paper ”Online Vehicle Routing: The Edge of Optiization in Large-Scale Applications”. With the emergence of ride-sharing companies that offer transportation on demand at a large scale and the increasing availability of corresponding demand data sets, new challenges arise to develop routing optimization algorithms that can solve massive problems in real time. In this paper, we develop an optimization framework, coupled with a novel and generalizable backbone algorithm, that allows us to dispatch in real time thousands of taxis serving more than 25,000 customers per hour. We provide evidence from historical simulations using New York City routing network and yellow cab data to show that our algorithms improve upon the performance of existing heuristics in such real-world settings
Homepage: https://github.com/sebmart/TaxiSimulation
Source Code:  https://github.com/sebmart/TaxiSimulation
Dependencies: Julia
Related Software: VRP; L0BnB; L0Learn; XGBoost; PostgreSQL; glmnet; Scikit; UCI-ml; Gurobi; GitHub; CPLEX; MATPOWER; TSPTW
Cited in: 9 Publications

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