swMATH ID: 35609
Software Authors: Sanjib Sharma, Joss Bland-Hawthorn, Kathryn V. Johnston, James Binney
Description: Galaxia: a code to generate a synthetic survey of the Milky Way. Galaxia is a code written in C++ to generate a synthetic survey of the Milky Way. One can either use an analytic model or an N-body model. The present version of the code implements the Besancon analytical model of the galaxy. For the stellar halo, one has the additional option of using N-body simulations of Bullock and Johnston in which the halo is build up purely by accretion of satellite galaxies. The program has been compiled and tested using GNU C++ compiler on both Linux and Mac OS X.
Homepage: http://galaxia.sourceforge.net/Galaxia3pub.html
Related Software: Python; Matplotlib; HCL; BRIDGE; HUAYNO; OMUSE; AMUSE; PENTACLE; galpy; ASCL; NumPy
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