swMATH ID: 35627
Software Authors: Matija Čufar
Description: Julia package PersistenceDiagrams.jl: This package provides the PersistenceInterval and PersistenceDiagram types as well as some functions for working with them. If you want to compute persistence diagrams, please see Ripserer.jl. For examples and tutorials, see the Ripserer.jl docs.
Homepage: https://mtsch.github.io/PersistenceDiagrams.jl/dev/
Source Code:  https://github.com/mtsch/PersistenceDiagrams.jl
Dependencies: Julia
Related Software: Ripser++; Flagser; ComputationalHomology.jl; Sparips.jl; PersistentCohomology.jl; Eirene; Ripser.py; Cubical Ripser; Julia; Ripserer.jl
Cited in: 0 Documents