swMATH ID: 35729
Software Authors: Alex M Ganose; Adam J Jackson; David O Scanlon
Description: Sumo is a Python toolkit for plotting and analysis of ab initio solid-state calculation data, built on existing Python packages from the solid-state chemistry/physics community. It is hoped that these command-line tools will bring some of the benefits of these libraries to a wider user-base while providing publication-ready plotting (powered by Matplotlib.)
Homepage: https://smtg-ucl.github.io/sumo/
Source Code:  https://github.com/SMTG-UCL/sumo
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: ab initio calculation; Journal of Open Source Software; Python; crystalline materials; solid-state materials; optoelectronic properties
Related Software: Spglib; ASE; pymatgen; Matplotlib; Quantum Espresso; Python; ilustrado; CASTEP; python-ternary; OptaDOS; MongoDB; NumPy; SciPy; matador; XCrySDen; p4vasp; VASP
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sumo: Command-line tools for plotting and analysis of periodic ab initio calculations Link
Alex M Ganose; Adam J Jackson; David O Scanlon