swMATH ID: 35924
Software Authors: Abhyankar, Shrirang; Betrie, Getnet; Maldonado, Daniel Adrian; Mcinnes, Lois C.; Smith, Barry; Zhang, Hong
Description: PETSc DMNetwork: a library for scalable network PDE-based multiphysics simulations. We present DMNetwork, a high-level package included in the PETSc library for the simulation of multiphysics phenomena over large-scale networked systems. The library aims at applications that have networked structures such as those in electrical, gas, and water distribution systems. DMNetwork provides data and topology management, parallelization for multiphysics systems over a network, and hierarchical and composable solvers to exploit the problem structure. DMNetwork eases the simulation development cycle by providing the necessary infrastructure through simple abstractions to define and query the network components. This article presents the design of DMNetwork, illustrates its user interface, and demonstrates its ability to solve multiphysics systems, such as an electric circuit, a network of power grid and water subnetworks, and transient hydraulic systems over large networks with more than 2 billion variables on extreme-scale computers using up to 30,000 processors.
Homepage: https://www.mcs.anl.gov/petsc/dmnetwork/documents/Abhyankar-etal-2019.pdf
Keywords: networks; extreme-scale computing; multiphysics
Related Software: LabVIEW; EPANET; NHDPlus; HELICS; Plasmo.jl; HydroGen; Firedrake; MATPOWER; ParMETIS; Modelica; Simulink; SNAP; MUMPS; PETSc; NetworkX
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