swMATH ID: 35933
Software Authors: Agamawi, Yunus M.; Rao, Anil V.
Description: CGPOPS: a C++ software for solving multiple-phase optimal control problems using adaptive Gaussian quadrature collocation and sparse nonlinear programming. A general-purpose C++ software program called CGPOPS is described for solving multiple-phase optimal control problems using adaptive direct orthogonal collocation methods. The software employs a Legendre-Gauss-Radau direct orthogonal collocation method to transcribe the continuous optimal control problem into a large sparse nonlinear programming problem (NLP). A class of hp mesh refinement methods are implemented that determine the number of mesh intervals and the degree of the approximating polynomial within each mesh interval to achieve a specified accuracy tolerance. The software is interfaced with the open source Newton NLP solver IPOPT. All derivatives required by the NLP solver are computed via central finite differencing, bicomplex-step derivative approximations, hyper-dual derivative approximations, or automatic differentiation. The key components of the software are described in detail, and the utility of the software is demonstrated on five optimal control problems of varying complexity. The software described in this article provides researchers a transitional platform to solve a wide variety of complex constrained optimal control problems.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/1905.11898
Keywords: extit{hp} methods; C++; Gaussian quadrature; optimal control; applied mathematics; direct orthogonal collocation; numerical methods; scientific computation
Related Software: ICLOCS; PSOPT; ADiGator; GPOPS; Ipopt; DIRCOL; ACADO; SNOPT; MA57; ADOL-C
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