Algorithm 999

swMATH ID: 36032
Software Authors: Speleers, Hendrik
Description: Algorithm 999: Computation of multi-degree B-splines. Multi-degree splines are smooth piecewise-polynomial functions where the pieces can have different degrees. We describe a simple algorithmic construction of a set of basis functions for the space of multi-degree splines with similar properties to standard B-splines. These basis functions are called multi-degree B-splines (or MDB-splines). The construction relies on an extraction operator that represents all MDB-splines as linear combinations of local B-splines of different degrees. This enables the use of existing efficient algorithms for B-spline evaluations and refinements in the context of multi-degree splines. A MATLAB implementation is provided to illustrate the computation and use of MDB-splines.
Homepage: https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3321514
Keywords: B-splines; extraction operator; MDB-splines; multi-degree splines
Related Software: mctoolbox; Algorithm 1020; GitHub; Macaulay2; Matlab
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Algorithm 999: Computation of multi-degree B-splines. Zbl 1486.65019
Speleers, Hendrik

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