swMATH ID: 36196
Software Authors: Md Ashfaqur Rahman
Description: Torrit: A GUI-Based Power System Simulation Platform. An adequate education on power system operations and controls requires a hands-on experience on a graphical user interface (GUI) based software. At present, most commercial software do not have free editions with high flexibility and most freeware do not have good interfaces. This paper introduces a GUI-based application called ”Torrit” for executing operations of power systems, especially for transmission systems. It is written in Python for it’s rapid development ability. Torrit’s main window includes a single canvas with some standard graphical interactions like create, delete, copy, move, double click etc. The beta version of this application is the focus of this paper that allows executing, saving and re-opening a project in three different modes: per unit computations, power flow, and state estimation. However, it is still in a rudimentary stage and many extensions are planned for future to match the needs of both academia and industry.
Homepage: https://ashfaqeee.wixsite.com/torrit
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: Human-Computer Interaction; arXiv_cs.HC; Systems and Control; arXiv_eess.SY; GUI; graphical user interface; Power system applications; Python; Simulation
Related Software: ETAP Digital Twin; DIgSILENT; EasyPower; Dome; PyCharm; Pandapower; Pypsa; MATPOWER; Python
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Torrit: A GUI-Based Power System Simulation Platform
Md Ashfaqur Rahman