swMATH ID: 36250
Software Authors: Ranjitha Kumar, Jerry O Talton, Salman Ahmad, Scott R Klemmer
Description: Bricolage: example-based retargeting for web design. The Web provides a corpus of design examples unparalleled in human history. However, leveraging existing designs to produce new pages is often difficult. This paper introduces the Bricolage algorithm for transferring design and content between Web pages. Bricolage employs a novel, structured-prediction technique that learns to create coherent mappings between pages by training on human-generated exemplars. The produced mappings are then used to automatically transfer the content from one page into the style and layout of another. We show that Bricolage can learn to accurately reproduce human page mappings, and that it provides a general, efficient, and automatic technique for retargeting content between a variety of real Web pages.
Homepage: https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/1978942.1979262
Related Software: Bootstrap.js; Django; Sketchplore; ReDraw; DesignScape; PeerStudio; Keras; D3.js; pix2code; OpenCV; GUIComp; Photoshop
Cited in: 0 Publications