swMATH ID: 36259
Software Authors: Todi, Kashyap; Weir, Daryl; Oulasvirta, Antti
Description: Sketchplore: Sketch and explore with a layout optimiser. Sketchplore studies the novel concept of integrating real-time design optimisation to a sketching tool. Although optimisation methods can attack very complex design problems, their insistence on precise objectives and a point optimum is a poor fit with sketching practices. Our work investigates an interactive optimisation concept that works in harmony with sketching. Sketchplorer is a multitouch sketching tool that uses a real-time layout optimiser. The idea is to automatically infer the designer’s task to search for both local improvements to the current design and global (radical) alternatives. Using predictive models of sensorimotor performance and perception, these suggestions steer the designer toward more usable and aesthetic layouts without overriding the designer or demanding extensive input.
Homepage: https://www.kashyaptodi.com/sketchplore/
Related Software: Bootstrap.js; Django; ReDraw; DesignScape; Bricolage; PeerStudio; Keras; D3.js; pix2code; OpenCV; GUIComp; Photoshop
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