swMATH ID: 36299
Software Authors: Kruskal, J.B; Young, F.W; Seery, J.B
Description: How to use KYST, a very flexible program to do multidimensional scaling and unfolding. KYST is an extremely flexible and portable computer program for multidimensional scaling and unfolding. It represents a merger of M-D-SCAL 5M and TORSCA 9, including the best features of both, as well as some new features of interest. The name, pronounced ”kissed”, is formed from the initials Kruskal, Young, Shepard, and Torgerson. This instruction manual tells not only how to use KYST, but includes helpful information about how to get it working at a computer center, and other useful material.
Homepage: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/summary?doi=
Related Software: ADDTREE/P; ProScaL; spatial; Indclus; MAPCLUS; ALSCAL; AS 155; IMSL Numerical Libraries; TORSCA
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