swMATH ID: 36300
Software Authors: Hyman, J. M.
Description: MOL1D: a general purpose subroutine package for the numerical solution of partial differential equations. MOL1D is a FORTRAN subroutine package for the method of lines solution for systems of initial-boundary-value partial differential equations in one space dimension. Using the package, a programer with limited experience in numerical analysis can accurately solve linear and nonlinear hyperbolic equations with or without discontinuities, linear and nonlinear parabolic equations (including those arising in reaction-diffusion equations), and elliptic boundary-value problems when posed as the stable time-independent solution of a parabolic equation. Systems are handled as easily as single equations, and a wide variety of boundary conditions can be accommodated, including most that arise in applications. The major advantage of the package is that initial-value problems can be solved accurately with a minimum of programing effort and with moderate computer cost
Homepage: https://inis.iaea.org/collection/NCLCollectionStore/_Public/10/474/10474383.pdf
Dependencies: FORTRAN
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