swMATH ID: 36322
Software Authors: Albinus, M.; Assmann, W.
Description: The INDIA lexic generator. Since the generated scanners in compiler construction are (still) not very efficient, the authors try to replace the old fashion of compiler components by a modified view: the compiler consists of a set (actually, a sequence) of abstract machines associated by tables which contain the abstract instruction codes to control the work. The INDIA compiler generator is based on such a conception: the lexical and syntactic analyses are done by coupling a lexical machine with a syntactical machine (the second one using LR(1) or LALR(1) grammar mechanisms). Results for Modula-2 lexic, minimal perfect hash function, basic operations for a deterministic finite automaton interpreter are contained.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/3-540-51364-7_9
Keywords: parsing generator; abstract machines; compiler generator
Related Software: Modula
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The INDIA lexic generator. Zbl 0704.68010
Albinus, M.; Assmann, W.

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