swMATH ID: 36395
Software Authors: Bisseling, Rob H.
Description: Parallel scientific computation. A structured approach using BSP. 2nd edition. The book is accompanied by a software package BSPedupack, freely available online from the author’s homepage, which contains all programs of the book and a set of test driver programs. This package written in C can be run using modern BSPlib implementations such as MulticoreBSP for C or BSPonMPI.
Homepage: https://webspace.science.uu.nl/~bisse101/Software/software.html
Dependencies: C++
Related Software: BSPlib; BSPonMPI; Zoltan; SparseMatrix; MulticoreBSP; PSPIKE; PaToH; MPI; GitHub; AllDifferent; Gecode; CSparse; ILUT; ML; HSL_MI20; MKL; svdpack; METIS; MUMPS; SPIKE
Cited in: 16 Publications

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