swMATH ID: 36485
Software Authors: Bittens, Sina; Plonka, Gerlind
Description: Sparse Fast DCT for Vectors with One-block Support. Sparse fast DCT algorithm for vectors with one-block support, implemented in MATLAB and Python.
Homepage: http://na.math.uni-goettingen.de/index.php?section=gruppe&subsection=software
Dependencies: MATLAB; Python
Keywords: discrete cosine transform; deterministic sparse fast DCT; sublinear sparse DCT; discrete Fourier transform; deterministic sparse FFT; sublinear sparse FFT
Related Software: Sparse FFT small support; idct; Matlab; ANOVAapprox; Mulprec; CoSaMP; DFT_twoblock; FFTW
Cited in: 5 Publications

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Sparse fast DCT for vectors with one-block support. Zbl 1472.65172
Bittens, Sina; Plonka, Gerlind

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