swMATH ID: 36501
Software Authors: Billor, N., Hadi, A. S., Velleman, P. F.
Description: BACON: blocked adaptive computationally efficient outlier nominators. Although it is customary to assume that data are homogeneous, in fact, they often contain outliers or subgroups. Methods for identifying multiple outliers and subgroups must deal with the challenge of establishing a metric that is not itself contaminated by inhomogeneities by which to measure how extraordinary a data point is. For samples of a sufficient size to support sophisticated methods, the computation cost often makes outlier detection unattractive. All multiple outlier detection methods have suffered in the past from a computational cost that escalated rapidly with the sample size. We propose a new general approach, based on the methods of Hadi (1992a,1994) and Hadi and Simonoff (1993) that can be computed quickly — often requiring less than five evaluations of the model being fit to the data, regardless of the sample size. Two cases of this approach are presented in this paper (algorithms for the detection of outliers in multivariate and regression data). The algorithms, however, can be applied more broadly than to these two cases. We show that the proposed methods match the performance of more computationally expensive methods on standard test problems and demonstrate their superior performance on large simulated challenges.
Homepage: https://rdrr.io/cran/robustX/man/mvBACON.html
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