swMATH ID: 36504
Software Authors: Xiaowei Xing, Dong Eui Chang
Description: The Adaptive Dynamic Programming Toolbox. The paper develops the Adaptive Dynamic Programming Toolbox (ADPT), which solves optimal control problems for continuous-time nonlinear systems. Based on the adaptive dynamic programming technique, the ADPT computes optimal feedback controls from the system dynamics in the model-based working mode, or from measurements of trajectories of the system in the model-free working mode without the requirement of knowledge of the system model. Multiple options are provided such that the ADPT can accommodate various customized circumstances. Compared to other popular software toolboxes for optimal control, the ADPT enjoys its computational precision and speed, which is illustrated with its applications to a satellite attitude control problem.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/2012.14654
Source Code: https://github.com/Everglow0214/The_Adaptive_Dynamic_Programming_Toolbox
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: Optimization; arXiv_math.OC; Artificial Intelligence; arXiv_cs.AI; Machine Learning; arXiv_cs.LG; Robotics; arXiv_cs.RO; arXiv_eess.SY; Optimal control; adaptive dynamic programming; software toolbox
Related Software: Control Toolbox; Nonlinear Systems Toolbox; GPOPS; acados; ACADO; Matlab
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The Adaptive Dynamic Programming Toolbox
Xiaowei Xing, Dong Eui Chang