swMATH ID: 36557
Software Authors: Litim, Daniel F.; Steudtner, Tom
Description: ARGES - Advanced Renormalisation Group Equation Simplifier. We present the initial release of ARGES, a toolkit for obtaining renormalisation group equations in perturbation theory. As such, ARGES can handle any perturbatively renormalisable four-dimensional quantum field theory. Notable further features include a symbolic rather than numeric computation, input of unconventional scalar and Yukawa sectors, an interactive evaluation and disentanglement as well as capabilities to inject algebraic simplification rules. We provide a conceptual and practical introduction into ARGES, and highlight similarities and differences with complementary packages.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/2012.12955
Dependencies: Mathematica
Keywords: High Energy Physics; arXiv_hep-ph; Renormalisation group equations; quantum field theory; Mathematica; perturbation theory
Related Software: SARAH; PyR@TE; RGBeta; RGE++; FORM; odeint; Eigen; FlexibleSUSY; Spheno; SuSpect; SOFTSUSY; mr; CRunDec; RunDec; Mathematica; FeynCalc; DoFun; QMeS-Derivation; FeynCalcFormLink; FormTracer
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