swMATH ID: 36560
Software Authors: S. Bird, M. Dud ́ık, R. Edgar, B. Horn, R. Lutz, V. Milan, M. Sameki, H. Wallach, K. Walker
Description: Fairlearn is a Python package that empowers developers of artificial intelligence (AI) systems to assess their system’s fairness and mitigate any observed unfairness issues. Fairlearn contains mitigation algorithms as well as a Jupyter widget for model assessment. Besides the source code, this repository also contains Jupyter notebooks with examples of Fairlearn usage.
Homepage: https://fairlearn.github.io
Source Code:  https://github.com/fairlearn/fairlearn
Dependencies: Python
Related Software: XGBoost; NumPy; Scikit; LightGBM; modelStudio; DALEX; TensorFlow; PDPbox; AI Explainability 360; H2O; dalex; GitHub; plotly.py; Aequitas; iNNvestigate; Plotly; Arena; InterpretML; AIF360; Alibi
Cited in: 1 Document

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