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Software Authors: Huang X., Cheng X., Geng Q., Cao B., Zhou D., Wang P., et al.
Description: The ApolloScape Open Dataset for Autonomous Driving and Its Application. Autonomous driving has attracted tremendous attention especially in the past few years. The key techniques for a self-driving car include solving tasks like 3D map construction, self-localization, parsing the driving road and understanding objects, which enable vehicles to reason and act. However, large scale data set for training and system evaluation is still a bottleneck for developing robust perception models. In this paper, we present the ApolloScape dataset [1] and its applications for autonomous driving. Compared with existing public datasets from real scenes, e.g., KITTI [2] or Cityscapes [3] , ApolloScape contains much large and richer labelling including holistic semantic dense point cloud for each site, stereo, per-pixel semantic labelling, lanemark labelling, instance segmentation, 3D car instance, high accurate location for every frame in various driving videos from multiple sites, cities and daytimes. For each task, it contains at lease 15x larger amount of images than SOTA datasets. To label such a complete dataset, we develop various tools and algorithms specified for each task to accelerate the labelling process, such as joint 3D-2D segment labeling, active labelling in videos etc. Depend on ApolloScape, we are able to develop algorithms jointly consider the learning and inference of multiple tasks. In this paper, we provide a sensor fusion scheme integrating camera videos, consumer-grade motion sensors (GPS/IMU), and a 3D semantic map in order to achieve robust self-localization and semantic segmentation for autonomous driving. We show that practically, sensor fusion and joint learning of multiple tasks are beneficial to achieve a more robust and accurate system. We expect our dataset and proposed relevant algorithms can support and motivate researchers for further development of multi-sensor fusion and multi-task learning in the field of computer vision
Homepage: http://apolloscape.auto
Source Code:  https://github.com/ApolloScapeAuto/dataset-api
Keywords: Computer Vision; Pattern Recognition; arXiv_cs.CV; ApolloScape; Autonomous Driving; Large-scale Datasets; Scene/Lane Parsing; Self Localization; 3D Understanding
Related Software: KITTI; H3D; Mapillary Vistas; Cityscapes; MS-COCO; ImageNet; nuScenes; BDD100k; VoxelNet; ADE20k; Argoverse; PointPillars; PointNet; Waymo; SYNTHIA Dataset; L5Kit; Loam; Semantic3D.net; Oxford RobotCar; SemanticKITTI
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The ApolloScape Open Dataset for Autonomous Driving and its Application
Xinyu Huang, Peng Wang, Xinjing Cheng, Dingfu Zhou, Qichuan Geng, Ruigang Yang

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