swMATH ID: 36681
Software Authors: Gupta, Sumit; Kumar, Devendra; Singh, Jagdev
Description: ADMP: a Maple package for symbolic computation and error estimating to singular two-point boundary value problems with initial conditions. A two step Adomian decomposition method (TSADM) coupled with pade approximations is applied for solving various two-point boundary value problems with initial conditions. This technique is based on a new definition of the Adomian polynomials and the TSADM. A Maple package ADMP is used to implement the proposed algorithm. The algorithm does not require linearization, perturbation, predicting the initial terms or a set of basis function or other restrictive assumptions and approximates the analytical solution. The validity of the applied package is given by two examples.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs40010-018-0540-4
Dependencies: Maple
Keywords: Adomian decomposition method; two step Adomian decomposition method; Adomian polynomials; two-point boundary value problem; ADMP
Related Software: Maple; ADMP
Cited in: 4 Documents

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