swMATH ID: 36906
Software Authors: Liu, Z. X.; Gao, J.; Ma, Q.; Gao, X. J.; Ren, J.; Xue, Y.
Description: GPS-YNO2: computational prediction of tyrosine nitration sites in proteins. The last decade has witnessed rapid progress in the identification of proteintyrosine nitration (PTN), which is an essential and ubiquitous post-translational modification (PTM) that plays a variety of important roles in both physiological and pathological processes, such as the immune response, cell death, aging and neurodegeneration. Identification of site-specific nitrated substrates is fundamental for understanding the molecular mechanisms and biological functions of PTN. In contrast with labor-intensive and time-consuming experimental approaches, here we report the development of the novel software package GPS-YNO2 to predict PTN sites. The software demonstrated a promising accuracy of 76.51
Homepage: http://yno2.biocuckoo.org
Dependencies: JAVA
Related Software: PLMLA; PSoL; iSNO-PseAAC; Cd-hit; Cell-PLoc; LIBSVM
Cited in: 1 Document

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