swMATH ID: 36927
Software Authors: Steven B Cannon, Alexander Kozik, Brian Chan, Richard Michelmore, Nevin D Young
Description: DiagHunter and GenoPix2D: programs for genomic comparisons, large-scale homology discovery and visualization. The DiagHunter and GenoPix2D applications work together to enable genomic comparisons and exploration at both genome-wide and single-gene scales. DiagHunter identifies homologous regions (synteny blocks) within or between genomes. DiagHunter works efficiently with diverse, large datasets to predict extended and interrupted synteny blocks and to generate graphical and text output quickly. GenoPix2D allows interactive display of synteny blocks and other genomic features, as well as querying by annotation and by sequence similarity.
Homepage: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC328457/
Related Software: MAVisto; EMBOSS; MrBayes; ViennaRNA; tYNA; PhyNav; JProGO; KnotSeeker; HAPLORE; gff2ps; GRIL; BioTapestry; DomCut; NetworkBLAST; DbClustal; GCG; PathBLAST; FARMER; FANMOD; Mauve
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