swMATH ID: 36930
Software Authors: Kui Zhang, Fengzhu Sun, Hongyu Zhao
Description: HAPLORE: a program for haplotype reconstruction in general pedigrees without recombination. Results: We test the effectiveness and the efficiency of HAPLORE using both simulated and real datasets. Our results show that, the rule-based algorithm is very efficient for completely genotyped pedigree. In this case, almost all of the families have one unique haplotype configuration. In the presence of missing data, the number of compatible haplotypes can be substantially reduced by HAPLORE, and the program will provide all possible haplotype configurations of a pedigree under different circumstances, if such multiple configurations exist. These inferred haplotype configurations, as well as the haplotype frequencies estimated by the EM algorithm, can be used in genetic linkage and association studies. Availability: The program can be downloaded from http://bioinformatics.med.yale.edu
Homepage: https://academic.oup.com/bioinformatics/article/21/1/90/212319
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