swMATH ID: 37023
Software Authors: Robert Morgan; Brian Nord; Simon Birrer; Joshua Yao-Yu Lin; Jason Poh
Description: deeplenstronomy: A dataset simulation package for strong gravitational lensing. deeplenstronomy is a tool for simulating large datasets for applying deep learning to strong gravitational lensing. It works by wrapping the functionalities of lenstronomy in a convenient yaml-style interface, allowing users to embrace the astronomer part of their brain rather than their programmer part when generating training datasets.
Homepage: https://pypi.org/project/deeplenstronomy/
Source Code:  https://github.com/deepskies/deeplenstronomy
Keywords: simulating; deep learning; strong gravitational lensing; Astronomical observations; Journal of Open Source Software; Python; astronomy
Related Software: baobab; SLSprinkler; HDF5; PyYAML; h5py; Astropy; Matplotlib; SciPy; pandas; NumPy; lenstronomy; Python
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