swMATH ID: 3712
Software Authors: Michael Kohlhase, Bogdan A. Matican, Corneliu-Claudiu Prodescu
Description: MathWebSearch 0.5: Scaling an Open Formula Search Engine. MathWebSearch is an open-source, open-format, content-oriented search engine for mathematical formulae. It is a complete system capable of crawling, indexing, and querying expressions based on their functional structure (operator tree) rather than their presentation. In version 0.5, we concentrate on scalability issues in MathWebSearch to take advantage of corpora in the giga-formula range. We re-implemented the index to make it distributable and made all the APIs web standards conformant. Our experiments show that this architecture results in a scalable application.
Homepage: http://trac.mathweb.org/MWS
Programming Languages: C++
Related Software: OMDoc; MMT; Mizar; DLMF; ActiveMath; MoMM; QMT; Mathfind; HOL Light; Coq; LATIN; LaTeX; LaTeXML; TNTBase; seL4; IMPS; OEIS; TPTP; PVS; Isabelle/HOL
Cited in: 21 Documents

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