swMATH ID: 37132
Software Authors: Remy, Nicolas
Description: GsTL - The Geostatistics Template Library. GsTL is a C++ library that provides a comprehensive set of tools and algorithms for geostatistics. The algorithms provided include: Kriging : simple kriging (SK) , ordinary kriging (OK) and kriging with trend (KT); Cokriging : simple or ordinary, using either the full cokriging system or one of the Markov models MM1 or MM2; Sequential Simulation : Gaussian simulation, indicator simulation, or multiple-points statistics simulation; P-Field Simulation. Object-based simulation techniques and simulated annealing are currently not covered.
Homepage: http://gstl.sourceforge.net
Related Software: SGeMS; SNESIM; DeeSse; Impala; Ar2Gems; GSLIB; MPSlib
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1 Remy, Nicolas

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1 Geophysics (86-XX)

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