swMATH ID: 37218
Software Authors: Zimmerman, A. G.,
Description: Geo-fluid-dynamics/sapphire: Sapphire package used in ‘mixed finite elements for convection-coupled phase-change in enthalpy form: Open software verified and applied to 2D benchmarks. Sapphire (mnemonically: Simulations automatically programmed with Firedrake) is an engine for constructing PDE-based simulations discretized in space with mixed finite elements and in time with finite differences.
Homepage: https://zenodo.org/record/3891625#.YCt79C2X8RE
Source Code:  https://github.com/geo-fluid-dynamics/sapphire
Related Software: petsc4py; TSFC; Firedrake; Python; UFL; PT-Scotch; mpi4py; MUMPS; PETSc
Cited in: 1 Document

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