swMATH ID: 37278
Software Authors: Li HH, Stout W
Description: SIBTEST: A Fortran V Program for Computing the Simultaneous Item Bias DIF Statistics. See: deltaPlotR: An R Package for Differential Item Functioning Analysis with Angoff’s Delta Plot. ... Currently there are only a few software packages for DIF detection available. Some well established software packages such as BILOG-MG (Zimowski, Muraki, Mislevy, and Bock 1996) and ConQuest (Wu, Adams, and Wilson 1997) provide some standard DIF statistics based on item response theory (IRT) models. In terms of specific DIF software, one can mention DFITPU (Raju 1995), DICHODIF (Rogers, Swaminathan, and Hambleton 1993), DIFAS (Penfield 2001), IRTDIF (Kim and Cohen 1992), IRTLRDIF (Thissen 2001), SIBTEST (Li and Stout 1994), and the R packages difR (Magis et al. 2010; Magis, B ́eland, and Raiche 2013) and lordif (Choi, Gibbons, and Crane 2011).
Homepage: https://www.jstatsoft.org/article/view/v059c01
Dependencies: Fortran
Related Software: BILOG; ConQuest; IRTLRDIF; DICHODIF; DFITPU; DIFAS; difR; IRTDIF; lordif; R; deltaPlotR
Cited in: 0 Publications