swMATH ID: 37292
Software Authors: Stefantsov, D. A.
Description: The AspectTalk programming language. The object-oriented (OOP) and aspect-oriented (AOP) programming language AspectTalk is described. The language consists of base language, metalanguage, and libraries for OOP and AOP. Properties of AOP in it are provided by metaprogramming, metaobject protocols and the mixins mechanism. The brief comparison of AspectTalk with similar programming languages is given.
Homepage: http://www.mathnet.ru/php/archive.phtml?wshow=paper&jrnid=pdm&paperid=360&option_lang=eng
Keywords: programming language; metaprogramming; smalltalk; AOP; OOP; metaobject protocol
Related Software: DynamoRIO; Python; Boost; Boost C++ Libraries; Smalltalk
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The AspectTalk programming language. Zbl 1478.68040
Stefantsov, D. A.

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