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Software Authors: Francisco Botana
Description: Automatic Determination of Algebraic Surfaces as Loci of Points. 3D-Loci Discovery (3D-LD), a web-based system for automatic discovery of geometric loci in the space, is described. Its basic engine is based on the Groebner basis method. 3D-LD can be used to easily (re)discover many loci-related geometric surfaces, and it has allowed us to generalize a recent extension of Simson-Steiner’s theorems due to Guzmán. Being accessible through the web, 3D-LD is platform independent, and can be linked with other graphical tools. It uses the symbolic capabilities of Mathematica and CoCoA, by means of the recently distributed application webMathematica, a Java servlet technology allowing the generation of dynamic web content. A simple description of 3D-LD and some examples of use are available at http://rosalia.uvigo.es/sdge/web/3D/.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/3-540-44860-8_91
Related Software: Lugares; Calques 3D; Mathematica; CoCoA; paramGeo3D; GEOTHER 1.1; GEX; Cabri 3D; SageMath; Maple; GeoGebra; SINGULAR; webMathematica
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Automatic determination of algebraic surfaces as loci of points. Zbl 1033.68674
Botana, Francisco

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