swMATH ID: 37316
Software Authors: Xia XQ, McClelland M, Wang Y
Description: WebArray: An Online Platform for Microarray Data Analysis. Results: The currently implemented functions were based on limma and affy package from Bioconductor, the spacings LOESS histogram (SPLOSH) method, PCA-assisted normalization method and genome mapping method. WebArray incorporates these packages and provides a user-friendly interface for accessing a wide range of key functions of limma and others, such as spot quality weight, background correction, graphical plotting, normalization, linear modeling, empirical bayes statistical analysis, false discovery rate (FDR) estimation, chromosomal mapping for genome comparison. Conclusion: WebArray offers a convenient platform for bench biologists to access several cutting-edge microarray data analysis tools. The website is freely available at http://bioinformatics.skcc.org/webarray/. It runs on a Linux server with Apache and MySQL.
Homepage: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1327694/
Related Software: WebArrayDB; R; rpy2; RPy; RSPython; Bioconductor; NumPy; Python; PypeR; TabSQL; MySQL; CARMAweb; limmaGUI; Expression Profiler
Cited in: 0 Publications