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Software Authors: Raymond, Darrell; Wood, Derick
Description: Grail is a symbolic computation environment for finite-state machines, regular expressions, and other formal language theory objects. Using Grail, one can input machines or expressions, convert them from one form to the other, minimize, make deterministic, complement, and perform many other operations. Grail is intended for use in teaching, for research into the properties of machines, and for efficient computation with machines. Grail is written in C++. It can be accessed either through a process library or through a C++ class library. Version 2.4 of Grail enables you to manipulate parameterizable finite-state machines and regular expressions. By ‘parameterizable’, we mean that the alphabet is not restricted to the usual twenty-six letters and ten digits. Instead, all algorithms are written in a type-independent manner, so that any valid C++ base type and any user-defined type or class can define the alphabet of a finite-state machine or regular expression. Version 2.4 of Grail supports Mealy machines.
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0747717184710236
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Grail: A C++ library for automata and expressions. Zbl 0942.68803
Raymond, Darrell; Wood, Derick

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