swMATH ID: 37403
Software Authors: Umbaugh SE; et al.
Description: CVIPtools: The primary purpose of the CVIPtools development environment is to allow students, faculty, researchers and all users to explore the power of computer processing of digital images.The original CVIPtools is a comprehensive GUI-based software which includes image analysis, enhancement, restoration and compression algorithms. It includes the CVIP-ATAT for algorithm development and analysis and the CVIP-FEPC for performing experiments with large groups of images and multiple combinations of feature extraction and pattern classification parameters. The CVIPlab for C/C++ programmers is a skeleton program that allows for access to all the CVIPtools library functions. The newest addition is the CVIP Toolbox for MATLAB, which also includes a CVIPlab skeleton program for exploration of the Toolbox which contains the Matlab versions of the CVIPtools library functions.
Homepage: https://cviptools.ece.siue.edu
Dependencies: Matlab; C++; .NET
Related Software: Maple; OpenQSEI; PRED_PREY; FreeFem++; Pfinder; Neural Network Toolbox; Matlab
Cited in: 14 Publications
Further Publications: https://cviptools.ece.siue.edu/publication.php

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