swMATH ID: 375
Software Authors: Berti, G.
Description: C++, GrAL is a generic library for grid (or mesh) data structures. GrAL is a generic library for grid (or mesh) data structures and algorithms operating on them. It has been inspired by the success of the STL , and is similar in spirit to BGL and (though to a lesser extent) to CGAL . As you might guess, GrAL is written in C++. GrAL was initially developed with applications for numerical PDE (partial differential equations) solution in mind. However, the underlying mathematical structure of abstract cellular complexes is very general and almost ubiquitous. So, possible application areas for GrAL include computational geometry and topology, geometric modeling, computer graphics, or geographic information systems.
Homepage: http://www.math.tu-cottbus.de/~berti/gral/
Programming Languages: C++
Keywords: C++ library GrAL; mesh generation; grid algorithm
Related Software: FEniCS; Trilinos; Boost; CGAL; DOLFIN; PETSc; deal.ii; STL; OpenMesh; FFC; Sundance; MTL4; GTS; GetDP; FreeFem++; UMFPACK; FIAT; DUNE; BGL; Mayfly
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GrAL – the grid algorithms library. Zbl 1056.65125
Berti, G.

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