swMATH ID: 37503
Software Authors: Hardin, James W.; Hilbe, Joseph M.; Patrick Royston
Description: Stata command glm - Generalized linear models. glm fits generalized linear models. It can fit models by using either IRLS (maximum quasilikelihood) or Newton–Raphson (maximum likelihood) optimization, which is the default.
Homepage: https://www.stata.com/manuals/rglm.pdf
Dependencies: Stata
Related Software: Stata; R; COUNT; lme4; S-PLUS; bootstrap; UCI-ml; BIOMstat; car; glmmADMB; glmmTMB; nparcomp; TMB; emdbook; geepack; TH.data; Fahrmeir; Mathematica; GAMLSS; mi
Cited in: 35 Publications

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Generalized linear models and extensions. 2nd ed. Zbl 1242.62077
Hardin, James W.; Hilbe, Joseph M.

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