swMATH ID: 37713
Software Authors: Jargstor , F.
Description: Acoustic Boundary Element Method (abem). AcousticBEM is a small library and example programs for solving the acoustic Helmholtz equation using the Boundary Element Method. The library is a re-implementation of the core components of Stephen Kirkup’s ABEM Fortran library and its example programs. The original Fortran code and the book ”The Boundary Element Method in Acoustics” are available on his website: http://www.boundary-element-method.com/.
Homepage: https://github.com/fjargsto/abem
Source Code:  https://github.com/fjargsto/abem
Related Software: exafmm; meshio; HyENA; Numba; PyCUDA; SciPy; Gmsh; PyGBe; FEniCS; BETL; Python; Bempp-cl
Cited in: 0 Publications