swMATH ID: 37786
Software Authors: Lucas Dominguez Ruben, Kensuke Naito, Ronald Roger Gutierrez, Ricardo Szupiany, Jorge Darwin Abad
Description: Meander Statistics Toolbox (MStaT): A toolbox for geometry characterization of bends in large meandering channels. This contribution presents MStaT, a wavelet-based open-source software developed to provide a detailed characterization of large meandering river morphodynamics. MStaT integrates three independent modules: (i) meandering morphometrics module; (ii) migration module; and (iii) confluence module. MStaT delivers a short and medium-term framework to analyze the river centerline and valley-meandering channel interrelationship at low computational cost. It provides quantitative information on the spatial distribution of the arc-wavelength, migration rates, cutoffs events, and tributary channels influences. Data are presented through a user-friendly graphical user interface that makes the output interpretation easier, and that is freely available to the communities of river morphodynamics scientists and engineers.
Homepage: https://meanderstatistics.blogspot.com/p/download.html
Source Code:  https://github.com/ldominguezruben/mstat
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: SoftwareX; Morphometrics; Migration patterns; Wavelet filter; MATLAB; wavelet-based; bends; meandering channels
Related Software: Bedforms-ATM; RVR Meander; SCREAM; PyRIS; Matlab; RivWidthCloud; RivMAP; RivWidth
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