swMATH ID: 37949
Software Authors: Wu, N., Kenway, G., Mader, C. A., Jasa, J., Martins, J. R. R. A.
Description: pyOptSparse: A Python framework for large-scale constrained nonlinear optimization of sparse systems. pyOptSparse is an object-oriented framework for formulating and solving nonlinear constrained optimization problems in an efficient, reusable, and portable manner. It is a fork of pyOpt that uses sparse matrices throughout the code to more efficiently handle large-scale optimization problems. Many optimization techniques can be used in pyOptSparse, including both gradient-based and gradient-free methods. A visualization tool called OptView also comes packaged with pyOptSparse, which shows the optimization history through an interactive GUI
Homepage: https://www.theoj.org/joss-papers/joss.02564/10.21105.joss.02564.pdf
Source Code: https://github.com/mdolab/pyoptsparse/
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: Journal of Open Source Software; Python framework; large-scale; constrained nonlinear optimization; sparse systems; Python; CFD; MPI-wrapped
Related Software: SciPy; Python; SNOPT; OpenMDAO; OpenAeroStruct; DFVLR-SQP; NLopt; pyOpt; Adjoint; GPOPS; CasADi; dymos; ADflow; DAFoam; STAMPS; SU2; Vehicle sketch pad
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