swMATH ID: 38046
Software Authors: Borade, Rupali; Gharpure, Damayanti; Anathakrishnan, Subramaniam
Description: Design and implementation of data acquisition and analysis system for SEAPS. One of the last unexplored frequency ranges in radio astronomy is the frequency band below 30 MHz. This is an important frequency regime as it can yield valuable information about the interaction between the solar wind and the Earth’s magnetosphere, decametric radiation from other planets within the solar system or exoplanets, supernova remnants and continuum emission from pulsars and very high redshift (z(sim 500)) cosmic radio sources. Therefore, several initiatives have been started recently to explore this unexplored frequency band. Space Electromagnetic and Plasma Sensor (SEAPS) is a system being designed for low frequency radio astronomical observations. This paper elaborates the design, implementation, and testing of a laboratory prototype of the FPGA based backend data acquisition and analysis system for SEAPS.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-981-15-9708-4_5
Keywords: data acquisition; Fourier transform; FPGA; radio astronomy
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