swMATH ID: 38052
Software Authors: Ritchie Lee
Description: AdaptiveStressTesting.jl: Adaptive Stress Testing is a stress testing tool for finding failure occurrences in multiple time step simulations. The algorithm uses Monte Carlo tree search, a state-of-the-art planning algorithm, to adapt sampling during search. This approach leads to efficient best-first exploration of the search space. The black box method does not make any assumptions about the internal details of the system under test. Adaptive Stress Testing has been previously applied to stress test airborne collision avoidance systems searching for near mid-air collisions in simulated aircraft encounters [1].
Homepage: https://github.com/sisl/AdaptiveStressTesting.jl
Source Code:  https://github.com/sisl/AdaptiveStressTesting.jl
Dependencies: Julia
Related Software: Breach; S-TaLiRo; OpenAI Gym; Julia; POMDPs.jl; POMDPStressTesting.jl; sitar; Flow*; SpaceEx
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