swMATH ID: 38133
Software Authors: Gianmarco Mengaldo; Romit Maulik
Description: PySPOD: A Python package for Spectral Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (SPOD). PySPOD is a Python package that implements the so-called Spectral Proper Orthgonal Decomposition whose name was first conied by (Picard and Delville 2000), and goes back to the original work by (Lumley 1970). The implementation proposed here follows the original contributions by (Towne et al. 2018), (Schmidt and Towne 2019). Spectral Proper Orthgonal Decomposition (SPOD) has been extensively used in the past few years to identify spatio-temporal coherent patterns in a variety of datasets, mainly in the fluidmechanics and climate communities. In fluidmechanics it was applied to jets (Schmidt et al. 2017), wakes (Araya et al. 2017), and boundary layers (Tutkun and George 2017), among others, while in weather and climate it was applied to ECMWF reanalysis datasets under the name Spectral Empirical Orthogonal Function, or SEOF, (Schmidt et al. 2019).
Homepage: https://mengaldo.github.io/PySPOD/build/html/index.html
Source Code:  https://github.com/mengaldo/PySPOD
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: Journal of Open Source Software; PySPOD; Python; Spectral Proper Orthogonal Decomposition; SPOD; SEOF
Related Software: Python; PyParSVD; spod_matlab; mpi4py; PyCUDA; Tensor2Tensor; torchdiffeq
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