swMATH ID: 38147
Software Authors: Stansbury, C.; Lanzara, A.
Description: PyARPES: An analysis framework for multimodal angle- resolved photoemission spectroscopies. The advent of higher resolution and throughput photoemission spectroscopy experiments has made angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) a critical tool for the study of quantum materials. The simultaneous development of novel ARPES techniques, including nano/-ARPES, spin-resolved ARPES, and pump-probe ARPES mirrors the expansion in scanning modes for scanning tunneling microscopy, which made scanning probe methods the gold standard for driving insights into surface physics. In this paper, we introduce PyARPES, an open source and modular data analysis framework for angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopies. We highlight PyARPES’ current capabilities for the analysis of the large photoemission datasets created by nano-ARPES and pump-probe ARPES experiments, show how PyARPES fulfills current data analysis needs for ARPES analysis, and discuss prospects for the future of analysis techniques enabled by PyARPES
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352711019301633
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: SoftwareX; ARPES; NanoARPES; Pump-probe ARPES; Photoemission; Python; Qt; Jupyter; PyARPES
Related Software: NumPy; Python; LMFIT; ASE; pymatgen; xarray; Scikit; NanoJ; Gwyddion; GXSM; WSXM; VisIt; Mayavi; MJOLNIR; ds_arpes_plugin; ParaView; Qt; PyQtGraph; Matplotlib; Jupyter
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