swMATH ID: 38157
Software Authors: Angus Dempster, François Petitjean, Geoffrey I. Webb
Description: ROCKET: Exceptionally fast and accurate time series classification using random convolutional kernels. Most methods for time series classification that attain state-of-the-art accuracy have high computational complexity, requiring significant training time even for smaller datasets, and are intractable for larger datasets. Additionally, many existing methods focus on a single type of feature such as shape or frequency. Building on the recent success of convolutional neural networks for time series classification, we show that simple linear classifiers using random convolutional kernels achieve state-of-the-art accuracy with a fraction of the computational expense of existing methods.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/1910.13051
Source Code:  https://github.com/angus924/rocket
Dependencies: Python
Related Software: SFA; TS-CHIEF; catch22; AlexNet; ImageNet; GitHub; sktime; XGBoost; hctsa; Scikit; SCRIMP++; PyPI; Python; darts; PyEMD; Deeptime; cesium; Banpei; ta; TA-Lib
Cited in: 8 Documents

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