swMATH ID: 38165
Software Authors: Meert, W., Hendrickx, K., van Craenendonck, T.
Description: DTAIDistance: Library for time series distances (e.g. Dynamic Time Warping) used in the DTAI Research Group. The library offers a pure Python implementation and a faster implementation in C. The C implementation has only Cython as a dependency. It is compatible with Numpy and Pandas and implemented to avoid unnecessary data copy operations
Homepage: https://dtaidistance.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
Source Code:  https://github.com/wannesm/dtaidistance
Dependencies: Python
Related Software: tslearn; Python; TSSEARCH; sktime; pyts; dtw; R; MVTS-Data Toolkit; Scikit; NumPy; Orange; WEKA; TSFEL; TSdist; Numba; Matplotlib; SciPy; dtwParallel; reticulate; microbenchmark
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