swMATH ID: 38166
Software Authors: Petrônio Cândido de Lima e Silva; Carlos Alberto Severiano Júnior; Marcos Antônio Alves; Rodrigo César Pedrosa Silva; Gustavo Linhares Vieira; Patrícia de Oliveira e Lucas; Hossein Javedani Sadaei; Frederico Gadelha Guimarães
Description: pyFTS - Fuzzy Time Series for Python. This package is intended for students, researchers, data scientists or whose want to exploit the Fuzzy Time Series methods. These methods provide simple, easy to use, computationally cheap and human-readable models, suitable from statistic laymans to experts.
Homepage: http://pyfts.github.io/pyFTS/build/html/index.html
Source Code:  https://github.com/PYFTS/pyFTS
Dependencies: Python
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