swMATH ID: 38170
Software Authors: Vallat, R., Jajcay, N.
Description: YASA (Yet Another Spindle Algorithm) is a sleep analysis toolbox in Python. YASA includes several fast and convenient command-line functions to: Perform automatic sleep staging. Detect sleep spindles, slow-waves, and rapid eye movements on single and multi-channel EEG data. Reject major artifacts on single or multi-channel EEG data. Perform advanced spectral analyses: spectral bandpower, phase-amplitude coupling, event-locked analyses, 1/f, and more! Manipulate hypnogram and calculate sleep statistics.
Homepage: https://raphaelvallat.com/yasa/build/html/index.html
Source Code:  https://github.com/raphaelvallat/yasa
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Cited in: 0 Publications