swMATH ID: 38182
Software Authors: Kevin Sheppard; et al.
Description: bashtage/linearmodels: Linear (regression) models for Python. Add linear models including instrumental variable and panel data models that are missing from statsmodels.
Homepage: https://bashtage.github.io/linearmodels/doc/
Source Code:  https://github.com/bashtage/linearmodels
Dependencies: Python
Related Software: PyEMD; Deeptime; darts; cesium; Banpei; ta; TA-Lib; surfboard; SigPy; PyRate; PyCBC; MintPy; jhTAlib; AlphaPy; tftb; ruptures; PyTorchTS; PyDLM; pyCWT; PyAF; NiTime
Cited in: 0 Publications