swMATH ID: 38191
Software Authors: Jaidev Deshpande; et al.
Description: tftb (Time-frequency toolbox) is a Python module for time-frequency analysis and visualization build with SciPy and matplotlib. The tftb project began as a Python implementation of the TFTB toolbox developed by François Auger, Olivier Lemoine, Paulo Gonçalvès and Patrick Flandrin. While this project and the MATLAB implementation (henceforth referred to as TFTB) are similar in the core algorithms and the basic code organization, the very nature of the Python programming language has motivated a very different approach in architecture of PyTFTB (differences between the two packages have been discussed in detail here).
Homepage: https://github.com/scikit-signal/tftb
Source Code:  https://github.com/scikit-signal/tftb
Dependencies: Python
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Cited in: 0 Publications