swMATH ID: 38230
Software Authors: Christophe Gonzales, Lionel Torti, Pierre-Henri Wuillemin
Description: aGrUM: A Graphical Universal Model Framework. This paper presents the aGrUM framework, a C++ library providing state-of-the-art implementations of graphical models for decision making, including Bayesian Networks, Influence Diagrams, Credal Networks, Probabilistic Relational Models. This is the result of an ongoing effort to build an efficient and well maintained open source cross-platform software, running on Linux, MacOS X and Windows, for dealing with graphical models. The framework also contains a wrapper, pyAgrum, for exploiting aGrUM within Python.
Homepage: http://o3prm.gitlab.io/pages/agrum.html
Related Software: bnspatial; Rcpp; bnclassify; geneNetBP; gRbase; RHugin; BayesNetBP; gRain; jti; R; sparta; CRAN; CPLEX; SCIP
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